Children from St Peter’s School planting flower seeds in the memory of Lt Commander St John Arnold Lees RN, who was killed on 1st November 1914

The society actively pursues an ongoing relationship with St Peter’s school in the village. We share information and older members of the society visit the school to talk and share memories from their lives. The school participates in the society’s village history days.

The children have participated in some of the “Cowfold Remembers” events and planted flower seeds with help from the Horticultural Society at locations around the village in memory of members of the armed forces who lost their lives in the Great War.

Recently, we have added a Junior History page  to showcase work that pupils at St Peter’s School have done, and will do, as part of their history syllabus.

We hope that this will help to encourage students to develop a greater enjoyment of history and the legacy of the village and area in which they live. A key part of this is the annual award of the Robert Farren Shield which the History Society presents, together with a £20 book token, to the student who has shown the most “enthusiasm for history and advanced enquiry skills”.