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St Peter’s School Netball Team

Back RowEdith JesterOlive MillsEvelyn WoolvenKitty LangridgeNellie SmithOlive Goatcher
Middle RowLena LotenDolly BaconMiss Dickerson (Teacher)Bertha WoolvenPhyllis GoatcherRose Packham
Front RowEva RoseWinnie ParsonsAlice Barton

St Peter’s School 1908 to 1910

Names of known staff and pupils
  1. Doll Edwards
  2. Agnes Sayers
  3. Mabel Woolven
  4. Wally Parsons
  5. Mistress Bessie Humphrey
  6. Mr Bicknell, Headmaster
  7. ? Hughes
  8. C Hale


St Peter’s School Classroom 1


Front RowSecond RowThird RowBack RowAlong Rear WallAlong Side
1. Don Ralph7. Charlie Smith13. Jenny Woolven19. Billy Tuck25. Louise Caplan30. Harold Mockford
2. Arthur Parsons8. ?14. ?20. George Ralph26. Phyllis Goatcher31. ? Mobsby
3. Bill Buxton9. Nell Worsfold15. Fred Coacher21. Emily Roberts27. Rosemary Moore32. Betty Smith
4. Joe Lucas10. ?16. Will Worsfold22. Gertie Harvey28. Les Faires33. Bessie Humphrey
5. George Gander11. Ron Parsons17. George Goatcher23. Rose Packham29. Ivy Silsby
6. Ben Goatcher12. Jack Barton18. Bert Matthews24. ?

St Peter’ School 1953 (1)

St Peter’s School 1953 (2)

St Peter’s School 1953 (3)