The Society is pleased to have close links with St Peter’s School and presents a shield  (named after a founding member of the Society, Bob Farren) and a book token every year to the student judged by the Head Teacher, Giles Kolter, to have made most progress in history.

With the COVID pandemic, it was not possible to make an award in 2020 but the shield was presented to two students at the School, Henry Bianchi and Joe Miller, in July 2021.  Our congratulations go to Henry and Joe!

Below is a selection of more recent work carried out by Year 5 and Year 6 students that demonstrates the high standards achieved at the School in history:

  • Windrush Migration, carried out in June 2021 by Autumn Hooker (Year 6)
  • The Battle of Marathon carried out in November 2021 by Joshua McDowell & Finley Greenfield (Year 5)
  • World War 2 – Home Front Posters, carried out in Autumn 2021 by Lydia Johnson, Jessica Algar and Annabel Clark (Year 6)

Well done to them all!

Note that, in current educational terminology, WALT is short for “We Are Learning Today”.

Windrush Migration

By Autumn Hooker

Analysing a Transcript of a Windrush Poem

Collecting Research on Windrush Migration

Report on the Windrush Migration

The Battle of Marathon in Ancient Greece

The Battle of Marathon Report

By Joshua McDowell


Research into the Battle of Marathon

By Finley Greenfield


World War II – Home Front Posters

By Lydia Johnson

By Jessica Algar


By Annabel Clark