This page provides the details of books and other material that have been published by members of the Forum. It will showcase the work that Forum members have done so far as well as providing details of from where the listed books and other material can be obtained if that is relevant. In that sense the page acts as both a library and a shop window.

If any members have publications that they wish to promote here, please contact the Forum Coordinator, Mike Burt  by email at

Cowfold Village History Society

Cowfold – The History of a Sussex Village

This book records the over 780 year history of Cowfold and is the story of the people who have lived in and around the village and have made it what it is today. It chronicles the development of the village from a small settlement in a clearing in the surrounding dense woodland through the emerging village growing up around its Church and heavily influenced by the surrounding farms and manors, to the self-sustaining community of the 19th and early to mid 20th century, and to the diverse and thriving village of today.

A small stock of the book is held by Mike Burt and retails at £9.99. To purchase a copy please contact him by email:

Steyning History Society

Lives, Loves and Letters – The Goring Family 1743 – 1905

In 2004 Harry Goring, owner of the Wiston estate in West Sussex, came upon a wooden Estate box that had lain unopened for many years. It turned out to be completely full of Victorian letters, tied in small bundles and carefully conserved by his father and uncle, John and Francis Goring. Harry passed the box over to his sister Jane, who found that the letters had mostly been written between the years 1743 and 1905 by their great-great-grandfather Charles Goring, his family and their many descendants.

The letters, written on the thinnest of writing paper and frequently overwritten when the writer ran out of space, were a challenge to decipher. Jane and four friends undertook this task and as the pile of transcripts mounted it became apparent that here was an unique story emerging that needed to be made into a book and published.

The letters are a rich mix of Victorian domestic life in country houses, rectories and a Bishop’s palace in Malta. There are letters from schoolboys and students to their parents, descriptions of Mediterranean voyages, wild boar hunting in Morocco, railway journeys in Scotland, celebrations, courtships, marriages, births of children, ailments, tragedies and romance.

“Lives, Loves and Letters” is the story of the Goring family of Wiston, Sussex from the reign of King George lll to Edwardian times. Through these fascinating letters, and the story written around them, a window opens on to the lives of the Goring family and the ages through which they lived. Their personalities shine through the words on the pages giving us, readers from later generations, a true sense of the people involved.

Lives, Loves and Letters; The Goring Family of Wiston, Sussex, 1743-1905 is illustrated throughout with family portraits, watercolours and sketches painted and drawn by members of the family.

The book can be purchased from the website:, from Steyning Bookshop and from Steyning Museum at a price of £20.00 (plus £3.40 p&p for 1-2 books). Alternatively Janine Harvey can be contacted on

Beeding and Bramber Local History Society

Bramber, Glimpses of a Village (1996), Edited by Alison Noble

Published by Beeding and Bramber Local History Society, £3
Includes chapters on Bramber Castle, St Nicholas’ Church, the Castle Hotel, Potter’s Museum of Curiosities and St Mary’s House. Available from Pat Nightingale, Beeding and Bramber Local History Society, p&p extra. Please contact for more information.

Beeding, History of a Village (Third edition 2015)

Published by Beeding and Bramber Local History Society, £7.50
Chapters on the Priory of Sele, St Peter’s Church, Baptist Beginnings, the Towers Convent, the primary school, the High Street, Hyde Street, Public Houses, Manors and Manor Houses and the History of Small Dole. Available from Pat Nightingale, Beeding and Bramber Local History Society, p&p extra. Please contact for more information.

World War Two in Beeding and Bramber, (2018)

Published by Beeding and Bramber Local History Society, £6
Chapters on the Home Front in Upper Beeding, Bramber, Small Dole and Edburton, the War Memorials and the Fallen. Available from Pat Nightingale, Beeding and Bramber Local History Society, p&p extra. Please contact for more information.

The People of Beeding and Bramber in the Great War, (2016)

Published by Beeding and Bramber Local History Society, £12
Chapters on the Home Front in Upper Beeding, Bramber, Small Dole and Edburton, the War Memorials, Medals, the Fallen, some of the Survivors (those who served and survived) and their families. Above all, it is about people and how they managed and not about fighting and battles. Available from Pat Nightingale, Beeding and Bramber Local History Society, p&p extra. Please contact for more information.

Beeding and Bramber, Two Sussex Villages: A Study of the Probate Inventories, Wills and Accounts, 1613-1775 (2007)

Edited by Alison Noble, Janet Pennington and Joyce Sleight
Published by Beeding and Bramber Local History Society, £4
Based on the work of a group of students who learned palaeographic skills in order to transcribe the 43 inventories, 23 wills and three probate accounts in this book. Available from Pat Nightingale, Beeding and Bramber Local History Society, p&p extra. Please contact for more information.

Upper Beeding Millennium Map

£1.80 (includes cardboard roll)
Pictorial map of the parish of Upper Beeding (which includes Small Dole and Edburton). Illustrations with a wildlife emphasis, by local artists and children from local schools. Available from Pat Nightingale, Beeding and Bramber Local History Society, p&p extra. Please contact for more information.

Rudgwick Preservation Society

Rudgwick’s Great War, Volume 1: The Home Front and For King and Country 

Rudgwick’s Great War, Volume 2: Remembrance

Volume 1 tells the story of Rudgwick before, during (in diary form), and after the war, followed by comprehensive coverage of the men and women of Rudgwick who served in uniform, including many more names than were commemorated on the war memorial, and nearly 200 others who came home.

Volume 2 is a collection of 114 unique biographies, in remembrance of relatives of current Rudgwick residents, spanning every theatre of war and the units in which they fought.

Both books are profusely illustrated with both Rudgwick and wartime images, many never seen in print before.

Volume 1: Advance £9; Full price £10

Volume 2: Advance £5; Full price £6

Both books together discount: Advance £12.50; Full price £14.

Advance orders with discount from 1st April; full price and books available from 1st September 2018.

The books can be purchased by emailing the Rudgwick Preservation Society using the contacts page on their website:

Rusper History Group

Rusper Chronicles Edition One May 2017

This is the first booklet to be produced by Rusper Chronicle. Two years ago several people interested in finding out more about Rusper, both through memories and written documents, started meeting on every second Thursday evening in the Rusper Village Hall. The idea was always to publish some of our research and discussions in booklet form – and this is Number One. We have all been surprised at what we have found out and we have discovered that the journey has been a lot of fun.

Rusper Stores is right in the centre of the village, so it seemed appropriate to find out more of its history. Then we were surprised to discover that Rusper was an important part of the Industrial Revolution through the iron workings at the bottom of the hill, though we struggled to imagine an area stripped of trees and full of mining activity. Rusper Church provided the focus for Nick Flint’s research into his predecessors. The pubs too are very much part of village life so research into their origins through Kelly’s Directories, the Tithe Map and Census Returns revealed some surprises.

We hope you enjoy reading our first booklet and that it may trigger your own memories to share. Everyone is very welcome to join us at our monthly meetings. Hopefully, all the information is accurate from the sources we have found, but if you find any inaccuracies or additional detail, please let us know.

Very many thanks to George and Viv Sallows who have provided the expertise to produce this booklet – we couldn’t have done it without them. Also many thanks to the May Day Committee for help with the publishing costs. The booklet cost just £2. For more details, please contact: Nick Flint 01293 871251, Margaret White 01293 871217 or Lynn Heydon 01293 871235


Southwater Local History Group

“SOUTHWATER – A TO Z” A Miscellany

Drawing on a wide range of archive material and the personal contributions of many local people, this book has been compiled to provide an insight into how our community has developed from a hamlet of scattered mediaeval farmsteads into the thriving community we see today. Compiled by Catherine Andrews and Patsy Laker

All copies have now been sold, but it is available on loan from local libraries

“Winning the Clay, an illustrated history of brickmaking in Southwater”

The book, compiled by Patsy Laker and Catherine Andrews comprises over two hundred pages charting the story of how, from small beginnings, brickmaking came to play such a central role in the life of the village and why the “Southwater” engineering brick became famous world-wide. We have brought together, for the first time, a wide range of archived documents, newspaper articles and maps, in addition to a wealth of photographs and the personal recollections of former employees.

All copies have now been sold but it is available at Southwater, Horsham and Worthing Libraries.

“Southwater Victorians – Lives and Portraits”

This book, compiled by Catherine Andrews, Joan Francis and Patsy Laker, comprises over one hundred and seventy pages of photographs taken from a Victorian photograph album, which a member of the long-established farming family of Charmans at Great House Farm began putting together during the second half of the 19th century, and it is thanks to one of their descendants that we have been able to “bring them alive” in print for those living in the village today. The book includes not only family members but other Southwater characters; the landlord of the Cock Inn and his pretty barmaid; the first stationmaster and his family; the Grinsted family, millers at Cripplegate; details of the vicars who ministered to the villagers, schoolteachers and a farmer’s son who left to fight in the American Civil War; as well as many more.

On Sale at £10 per copy (£ 14.25 inc P&P) from 12 Woodfield, Southwater RH13 9EN