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Recent Government advice about measures, including social distancing, to combat the spread of this virus, has already resulted in the cancellation or postponement of a number of members’ events planned over the next few months, for example by Shipley History Society and Steyning History Society. It is very likely that other member organisations will want to do the same. I would be grateful therefore if members would notify me of cancellations so that I can update the members’ meeting programmes and this message board.

Thank you and keep safe and as well as possible.


Topic: Forum Publications page

Originator: Mike Burt

Posted by: Mike Burt

Date: 29 November 2019

A Publications page has now been added to the Forum web pages. This enables Forum members to post details of books or other published material that have been produced, for the information and benefit of other members. Where appropriate details are provided of the cost of the book or other publication and from where this can be purchased. At the moment the page carries publications by  the Cowfold Village History Society,  the Rudgwick Preservation Society, the Rusper History Group, the Steyning History Society, the Southwater Local History Group, the Bramber and Beeding Local History Society, and Nuthurst Local History Society.

Please send me by e-mail at: any publications that you would like to advertise on the Publications page including a narrative about the subject of the publication, and where relevant, the cost  and from where the publication can be obtained.

Topic: New Forum member                                                        

Originator: Mike Burt

Posted by: Mike Burt

Date: 23 August 2019

I am delighted to welcome Nuthurst Local History Society as the newest member of the Forum. The contacts are Nick Cowley, Secretary on: and Derek Bradnum, Speakers Secretary on: Derek is the main contact for Forum members.

The Forum’s membership now stands at 22 organisations and covers most of the Horsham District geographical area and most of its heritage interests.

Topic: Change of contact- Barns Green and Itchingfield Local History Society

Originator: Mike Burt

Posted by: Mike Burt

Date: 11 November 2019

I was very sorry to hear yesterday of the sad passing of Roger Corry earlier this year who was the Society’s point of contact for the Forum. Andy Bates has now agreed to be the contact and I welcome him to the Forum. Andy’s contact details are:


Topic: Upcoming Talks and Events for April 2020

All events scheduled for April have been postponed or cancelled because of the coronavirus situation.


Topic: Collaborative Projects

Originator: Mike Burt

Posted by: Mike Burt

Date: 3 August 2019

Horsham Year of Culture 2019- “Horsham District Heritage in 100 objects” update

After 2 years of work from inception of the idea of a book celebrating the rich heritage of Horsham District, that book “The Heritage of Horsham in One Hundred objects” was launched at Parham House on 7 October by kind invitation of Lady Emma Barnard. Just over 50 people attended the launch; the majority were representatives from Heritage Forum member organisations. Lady Emma opened the launch with words of welcome and she was followed by short addresses from Jonathan Chowen, HDC Cabinet Member for Community and Culture, Jeremy Knight, Curator Horsham Museum and author of the book, and Mike Burt, Chairman of the Heritage Forum and the book’s editor. The book, priced £19.99, has thirteen chapters covering themes such as the District’s ancient heritage, Warfare, local politics and government, retail trade, domestic life and transport, and has over 200 illustrations. It is available now from local bookshops and from Horsham Museum. Each member of the Forum is encouraged to purchase at least one copy and to consider how the book can be used locally to promote the understanding and appreciation of the heritage of each member’s locality.


Topic: Exhibitions

Originator: Christ’s Hospital Museum

Posted by: Mike Burt

Date: 6 May 2019



Current Exhibition at Christ’s Hospital  Museum: Brangwyn’s Cartoons at Christ’s Hospital

23 April 2019 – 27 April 2020

This ground-breaking exhibition is the culmination of Horsham District Council’s Year of Culture 2019 project to restore seven beautiful cartoon drawings for the mural cycle in Christ’s Hospital Chapel.
Brangwyn’s Cartoons at Christ’s Hospital also feature on Horsham District Council’s Year of Culture Events webpage:


Cartoon Drawing for CH Chapel Mural 1, c.1912-1923. Chalk on paper

Brangwyn Tour & Talk

To book a Brangwyn Tour & Talk visit:

Alternatively email:

Or call 01403 247444.

Booking is essential as places are strictly limited.

Christ’s Hospital Verrio Tours

Tours of the school, known as Verrio Tours after the famous painting in Dining Hall by Antonio Verrio, are offered to visitors to the school by prior appointment. Tours are guided by pupils, and provide a chance to look at the wonderful paintings, buildings and grounds as well as visiting the museum for a talk and a look at the permanent exhibition. A full afternoon tea is provided in the magnificent Dining Hall.

How To Book:

All tours need to be pre-booked and we welcome groups of
up to 30. If you are a smaller group or individual we can
combine you with other groups.
* Please note that Band Parade and the pupils marching into
lunch does not occur if it is wet or icy and we apologise for
any disappointment this may cause.

Contact Us
For further information or to book a tour please contact our
Verrio Tour Team.
Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 0LJ
T: 01403 247407



Topic: Exhibitions                                                                         

Originator: Horsham Museum and Art Gallery

Posted by: Mike Burt

Date: 4 September 2019




Highlights from the Archives

This event runs from 5th March 2020 to 18th April 2020

Horsham Museum & Art Gallery is home to thousands of photographs that depict the people and places of Horsham District, as well as images brought back to Horsham from around the world. The images range from sports team photos, travel souvenirs and family portraits, to street surveys and records of buildings. The photographic collections are an extremely valuable resource for local historians as they chart the changing fashions, activities, landscapes and sights of the area and its people.

The photographs in our collections range in date from the 1860s through to present day, and encompass the work of professional photographers through to the family snaps of local people. Many of the images have come to us via donation and the level of information that donors are able to give us varies. Several local photographers have donated their entire archives to us, along with accompanying newspaper clippings and documents, so we know lots about the images and their subjects. Other items in the collection have been found in antiques shops and house clearances and therefore little is known about them.

Our dedicated volunteers have been cataloguing, researching and scanning the photographs in our collections for more than 20 years and a great deal of work has been done to make them available to the public. We hope to develop an online collections search in the future, thus ensuring that this hard work is accessible to as many people as possible.

In order to highlight the variety and importance of our photographic collections our staff and volunteers have each selected a small number of images that are of particular interest to them. Each panel in the exhibition is dedicated to the selections of one member of the team, and they explain, in their own words, why they have made their choices. We hope that this will not only demonstrate the breadth of the collections, but also emphasise the importance of the work that our volunteers do every day.

Alison Milner-Gulland – A Life in Art

This event runs from 7th March 2020 to 27th June 2020

Always changing, inspired by her surroundings, the past and the present, Washington based artist Alison Milner-Gulland has created an outstanding contribution to the artistic culture of the region.

Horsham Museum & Art Gallery are delighted to be holding a major retrospective of this much loved and admired artist, with artwork selected by her friend Rupert Toovey, of Toovey’s Auctioneers, that showcase her talent.

Radically Different Landscapes: The New Art of Robin Alexander Elliott

This event runs from 21st March 2020 to 23rd May 2020

Developing and evolving his traditional techniques of landscape painting Robin’s art shifted dramatically from traditional landscape works to these new inspired architectural, regional scenes. These works are simplified executions of nature and refined representations that express a deep personal response to the terrain and the wonders of nature. It is a truly inspirational show that reveals an artist at the top of his profession.